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Understand the Minnesota restrictions for teen drivers

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Car Crashes |

Teens have more serious auto accidents than drivers in any other age group. To combat this issue, Minnesota has a provisional license program to help new drivers become safe drivers with experience.

If you have a teen learning how to drive, review the restrictions he or she must follow with a new driver’s license.

Passenger limits

Your teen may drive only with a certain number of passengers for the first year of licensure. During the initial six months, he or she can have only one passenger younger than 20 unless a parent or guardian is also in the vehicle. During the second six months, teen drivers can have up to three passengers younger than 20 unless a parent or guardian is present. Young passengers can be a serious distraction for teen drivers and they can receive a misdemeanor charge for violating this rule. The limit does not apply to siblings and other members of the driver’s immediate family.

Nighttime driving restrictions

The state also restricts hours on the road for teen drivers. During the first six months, they must remain off the road from midnight to 5 a.m. unless traveling to or from work or a school event. Your teen can also drive during these hours with a passenger who is at least 25 years old and has a driver’s license. Minnesota recommends setting even earlier curfews for your teen to reduce the risk of accidents since many fatal collisions involving this age group occur between sundown and midnight.

Minnesota prohibits handheld talking and texting behind the wheel for all drivers. Drivers younger than 18 must also refrain from using voice commands to talk or text while driving.