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Hazards In The Workplace Can Lead To Crippling Injuries

Workplace injuries can devastate a worker and their family. After suffering an accident at work, you must deal with the medical difficulties of the injury and mounting unplanned expenses from treatment and lost wages. Following a debilitating injury, you may be permanently unable to work.

The attorneys at The Cody Law Group understand the complex issues involving work-related injuries and workers’ compensation claims. Our team of dedicated lawyers fights diligently to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve after suffering a work injury. Even if your workers’ compensation was denied, we can help you appeal the denial.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that provides benefits to workers who sustain work-related injuries or illnesses. Under the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Act, workers injured on the job can collect financial benefits, including lost wages, medical expenses and retraining. The Act also provides wrongful death and dependency benefits to the surviving family members of employees killed at work. Our firm understands how these benefits work together and can help you maximize your recovery.

Claims Against Third Parties

There are instances where a worker’s injury is caused by a negligent third party who is not a co-worker or employer. In these situations, you may be able to bring forth a personal injury claim against the responsible parties. Possible scenarios for a third-party claim include:

  • A car accident in a company vehicle while being paid to drive such as for truck drivers, traveling sales consultants and home health care workers.
  • An injury caused by a defective tool or product in the workplace.
  • An illness caused by chemical exposure from substances not containing proper safety warnings.
  • A slip-and-fall injury at a vendor office.

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