Attorneys Robert, David and James Cody

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  • Excellent, Jim, thank you so much and thanks to your kind father for taking/making time and consideration for me in this – I really appreciate it, it is a big help.

    Your kindness, amiability, generosity of time and encouragement, expertise, availability, and communications have been very heartening in this wearying process, Jim – THANK YOU.


  • That’s one of the reasons we really appreciate working with your office—this is going to sound goofy and old-world but I think you will know what I mean, I always feel like your office is so… honorable! That word doesn’t sound right in everyday usage anymore, but I feel like it means what I want to say better than any other. – Medical Office

  • Your care and professional support has meant so much to me and always will. It meant so much that I could trust you and rest assured that I was in good hands. – Sister Kim M.

  • I do appreciate your skills and knowledge associated with the final settlement in my broken ankle accident. Jm was right – you are the best! Your patience and experience are awesome traits, and I trusted you completely.
    Thank you. – Barb H.

  • Dave, I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your entire CLG staff for the manner in which you handled my 2 year case from start to finish. Your knowledge and professionalism in regards to my auto accident/personal injury case was exceptional. I’m so grateful that you made the entire process worry-free. I would highly recommend your services to anybody that needs legal help in your area of practice.

    -Best Regards, Stuart Johnson

  • Thanks for getting a problem off my hands! I will always keep you in mind. I will always refer you to everyone I know! Thanks again, Dave. – Kayer V.

  • Dear David Cody, Thanks for everything that you have done for my wife and me. It has been a blessing to have you by our side. We’re glad to say that we’ve used the money from the settlement to pay off our home while financing a few home improvements as well!


  • Dear Dave, I just wanted to say thank you for handling my personal injury case. When we went to court I was so nervous, but your professional demeanor, confidence in the courtroom, and your experience in handling that stressful situation with integrity really held me up. I realized then that I had made a perfect choice in selecting my attorney. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I will always be grateful for your assistance.

    – Michele

  • Dave, just a little something to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciated your help throughout the past years. I know workers comp cases are not a lucrative part of your practice, but I am grateful that you are willing to take these cases. You have always been supportive, knowledgeable and a calming influence when I was upset about something (which was quite often!).


  • I wanted to take a moment to truly say thank you for all of your kindness and generosity over the past several years. You really did make a difference and no matter where I am I will always remember you for that reason. – The Allen Family

  • Dear Dave, Danielle, and Denise, Thank you very much for your kind words at my fathers passing. Sincerity such as yours makes this world more peaceful. God bless you!

    – Janee and Rick