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How can I be safe when walking on roads?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Car Crashes, Uncategorized |

When there is an accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian, it is always going to be the pedestrian that comes out the worst. While drivers in Minnesota should pay attention and make sure to give room to pedestrians and follow right of way rules to keep everyone safe, as a pedestrian, you also need to take some responsibility. You do not want to leave your safety in the hands of drivers. Be proactive and protect yourself as best as you can to help avoid potential accidents.

The Minnesota Safety Council suggests that you follow all road rules for pedestrians. This means walking on sidewalks when they are available, and walking on the very edge of the roadway towards oncoming traffic if there are not sidewalks. When crossing the street, be aware of who has the right of way. Pay attention to signs and stoplights. Always obey don’t walk signs. It is also important that you teach children the laws. Make sure to help them learn what to do at intersections or when crossing the road.

You should also dress appropriately. Wear bright colored clothing when walking. Make sure that you wear something reflective and have a flashlight if you are walking in the dark to increase your visibility.

Do not assume that a driver can see you. If a vehicle seems too close, move over. Do not rely on drivers to look out for you either. You need to be alert and aware while walking so you can hear and see oncoming traffic. This information is for education and is not legal advice.