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How can a spinal cord injury happen at work?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | Work Injuries |

Accidents often occur unexpectedly, causing serious injuries that greatly impact a person’s life. One such injury that can happen at work is a spinal cord injury. The spinal cord, a big part of the nervous system, can sustain damage due to various workplace hazards.

Understanding how these injuries happen is important for the overall workplace and the well-being of workers.

Slips and falls

One big reason people get spinal cord injuries at work is because they slip, trip or fall. Maybe the floor is uneven, or it is wet and slippery or there are items in the way individuals do not see. Even falling off something like a ladder can severely hurt a spine. Bosses need to keep work areas clean and safe so nobody gets hurt this way.

Heavy items

Another way people hurt their spines at work is by lifting heavy items. If an individual tries to lift something too heavy because of an order from someone else, they can strain their back and hurt their spinal cord.

Crashes and accidents

People who work with vehicles or big machines have to be careful because crashes can hurt the spinal cord. Whether it is a truck or a forklift, accidents can happen. That is why bosses need to make sure that everyone knows how to drive safely and that vehicles are in good shape.

Fallen objects

In places where certain items are up on high shelves or there is construction work, objects falling can be a big danger. Tools or equipment dropping from above can hit someone below and cause serious spinal cord injuries. Bosses need to make sure other workers store items safely and that everyone wears protective gear, like hard hats, to stay safe.

Spinal cord injuries can change someone’s life, so employers need to take steps to prevent them as much as possible. Employees who suffer from a spinal cord injury may benefit from seeking medical help in the time right after the accident.