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Dump truck collision kills Minnesota woman

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Firm News |

An employee of a construction company describes hearing the crash from a four-vehicle collision on a Minnesota highway approximately a week ago. She and several co-workers heard it, but none can describe what happened, not only because they did not see it but because the scene was a mess. The crash included two passenger vehicles (a sedan and a pickup), a semi-truck and a dump truck. The witness describes the sedan ripped in half and “squished” between the two trucks. A 48-year-old female passenger of the sedan lost her life in the collision. 

The accident happened at approximately midday, and all four vehicles were eastbound on Minnesota 55. The sedan and the pickup were behind a stopped semi-truck that was preparing for a left turn. Reportedly, the dump truck came up from behind the other vehicles and struck all three. The force of the collision allegedly smashed the sedan between the two trucks while the pickup went into a ditch. 

Apart from describing him as a 47-year-old St. Paul man, authorities provided no information about the driver of the sedan. Details as to the condition of the other three drivers involved in the crash is unavailable, but each received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries following transportation to the hospital. Authorities have not issued any information as to the cause of the crash or whether they intend to press criminal charges. 

Trucks can do significant damage to other vehicles and their occupants in a collision, to say nothing of pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. Those who have sustained injury and/or loss in a truck accident may find it helpful to contact an attorney.