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A Collision With A Semitruck Can Have Catastrophic Consequences

Minnesota drivers are no stranger to semi trucks traveling up and down highways across the state. Although commercial trucking plays an important role in the state and national economy, collisions between these giants on 18 wheels and passenger vehicles frequently prove deadly.

At The Cody Law Group, our firm believes trucking accident victims or surviving family members deserve full compensation for injuries resulting from the crash. Our lawyers help injured victims hit by a truck navigate the complex recovery process.

Disproportion Between Vehicles Leads To More Damage

Trucks are substantially larger and heavier than a standard passenger vehicle, with a fully loaded truck weighing 10 times or more the weight of a sedan. Unsurprisingly, when a truck collides with a car, the smaller vehicle bears the brunt of the impact. In fact, over 98 percent of fatalities from truck accidents occur in the cars they collide with.

Held To A Higher Safety Standard

Truck drivers and trucking companies fall under state and federal regulation and must obey strict rules to promote safety. When a driver fails to take required rest breaks or a company overloads a trailer, it endangers other motorists on the road. Put simply, trucking companies should only allow safe trucks and careful drivers on the road. If a truck driver or trucking company fails to meet the required safety standards and causes an injury or wrongful fatality, you can hold them accountable.

Multifaceted Claims

Trucking accident claims vary from a standard auto accident claim in that there are often multiple parties represented by large insurance companies. In Minnesota, the comparative fault statute controls trucking accident claims. Under this statute, you must establish fault by proving negligence and liability for the accident can be split multiple ways. It is imperative to protect yourself from unnecessary blame by seeking legal counsel.

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