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What should you do if you see a drunk driver on the road?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Car Crashes |

Minnesota drivers all have a responsibility to drive safely and carefully to keep all the roads safe. Some citizens take this responsibility more serious than others. When someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle and they are under the influence, they are running a serious risk of hurting or even killing themselves or another driver. Concerned citizens can watch for the signs of an intoxicated driver and know how to report it. 

According to SafeWise, it is fairly easy to spot a drunk driver. There are some common signs that those on the road can watch for if they are uneasy about another driver. They include the following: 

  • Not responding to traffic signals 
  • Driving below the speed limit or swerving 
  • Erratic acceleration or braking 
  • Abrupt, sudden turns and stops 
  • Driving down the center of the road or on the wrong side 
  • Stopping at the wrong times and places in traffic 

As you are driving with your family and want to keep them safe, there are steps you can take to get a suspected drunk driver off the road. Emergency services are always available to call, but you want to have some basic information before making the call, if it is safe to do so. 

Look for the license plate number, the make, model and color of the vehicle in question. Identify the vehicle’s location as specifically as possible, including intersections and street names. If you are a passenger in the car, it may be helpful to take a quick picture of the car and its license plate. When you call emergency services, make sure you have are prepared to explain why you believe the driver is drunk. 

Drunk driving accidents are all too common and can be prevented. Injuries and death can be limited if every citizen is willing to pay attention and take action when a drunk driver is spotted.