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Southern Minnesota Crash Leaves Fatalities and Questions

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Car Crashes |

Crashes and collisions leave a lot of pieces to pick up. None more than those tragedies that leave family members with lost loved ones. In these kinds of circumstances, the investigations may leave us wanting for precious information or reveal that something was at fault. 

Minnesota authorities report on a single-vehicle crash that is still under investigation 

The incident 

WCCO local news reports that authorities are still identifying a presumed family of four after local law enforcement and emergency services investigated a car engulfed in flames at 2nd Drive Southwest. After arriving on the scene, authorities believe the vehicle left the roadway before hitting some trees and coming to a rest near the water treatment plant off the Cedar River. Confirming no signs of life, investigators determined deceased passengers were an adult male, an adult female and two children approximately under the age of five. Investigations are ongoing with no further information yet. 

Picking up the pieces 

Scenarios like these are terrible, but prove that all collisions must be treated with care and taken on a case-by-case basis. As of now, there are no clear reasons why this happened. But once details come out, there may be cause to file a motor vehicle crash claim for those hit hardest by this. If investigators determine that either the vehicle or environment contributed to this, it may even fall to a wrongful death claim to provide those loved ones peace of mind after working through this tragedy. 

The investigation is ongoing, but there are always options in cases like this. Anyone affected by something like this deserves information, answers and especially closure.