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What are the complications of a TBI?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Uncategorized |

A traumatic brain injury occurs due to a jolt or violent blow to the head. Objects that penetrate the brain tissue, such as debris or shattered pieces of the skull can also cause a traumatic brain injury. While a mild TBI may have minimal effects, a serious TBI can cause bleeding, torn tissues, bruising and more. According to Mayo Clinic, the injuries can lead to long-term complications.

Complications of a TBI

TBI can cause a variety of short and long-term complications. According to the CDC, a traumatic brain injury may affect your abilities in thinking, sensation, language and emotion. You may have difficulty communicating, expressing or understanding. Many patients struggle with depression and anxiety. In serious cases, you may find yourself acting out or experiencing personality changes. Memory and reasoning skills can also suffer complications.

After a TBI, you could develop epilepsy. Also, you could have a higher risk of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Even multiple TBIs can cause neurological problems or catastrophic injuries.

Recovery from a TBI

Recovery from a TBI should occur under the supervision of a medical professional. Once home, you should not return to work or school quickly. You need to take a lot of time to rest. Do not drive a car, ride a bike or use any heavy equipment until you have clearance from a doctor.

Since your injury can affect your reaction time, you need to take extra care in situations that rely on your reaction. Only use medication that your healthcare provider recommends. In a lot of circumstances, you may have to relearn skills.