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Can your pet cause a car accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | Car Crashes |

If you enjoy traveling with your pet, you are certainly not alone. Every day, people take their pets with them to the store, to school or even to work.  

Improperly securing your furry friend, however, could be the reason you end up in a serious car accident. Your proactive effort to travel safely with your pet may make all the difference in guaranteeing your safe arrival at your destination.  

Unforeseen safety risks

According to Pet Pro Supply Co., 84 percent of dog owners admitted to traveling without proper restraints for their pets. 60 percent of dog owners acknowledged that their pets caused distraction at some point during their drive. Other studies showed a staggering number of pet owners admitted to petting, feeding or playing with their animals while operating their vehicles. 

It may seem harmless to allow your pet to sit on your lap. You may feel confident in your pet’s ability to listen while he or she roams your vehicle. However, these seemingly simple behaviors can interfere with your ability to pay attention to the road. A momentary distraction can leave you unable to effectively respond to other cars or road hazards until it is too late.  

Using a safety restraint

There are a number of functional and comfortable pet safety restraints. You can peruse your local pet store or even shop online for one that works well for your pet. A safety restraint can give you the use of both of your hands and the peace of mind knowing that your pet will not wander into your way while you drive.  

A safety restraint can also protect your pet if you get in a car accident. Even if your pet does suffer an injury, a proper restraint may reduce trauma and injuries.