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Driving around trucks: staying out of harm’s way

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Car Crashes |

Commuting to work on Minnesota highways means you spend time driving around big rigs. Getting in an accident with a commercial vehicle can severely injure you, especially if you drive a smaller passenger vehicle.

Knowing how to safely drive around large trucks can protect you from avoidable danger. Respecting the size and weight of a big rig can increase your awareness of your actions when you drive around them.

Knowing the risks

Even a minor collision with a truck can total your car and put you at risk of getting hurt. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, some of the reasons you may face a higher risk of a truck collision include the following:

  • They cannot make sudden maneuvers if you get in their way
  • They have large blind spots that may obstruct their view of your vehicle
  • They take significantly more power to slow down if you cut them off

A basic rule of thumb is to allow commercial vehicles ample space. Recognize that they do not have the same flexibility as a smaller car.

Mitigating danger

When traveling alongside a truck, avoid driving in the same spot for too long. In fact, move to another lane or get around the truck as soon as you can. Allow large vehicles plenty of space to make right-hand turns, switch lanes and slow down as you maneuver your vehicle. Because it takes longer for trucks to get to speed, you may feel impatient at times. However, keeping calm and staying vigilant can help you avoid putting yourself and others at unnecessary risk.

If you have suffered injuries in a truck collision because of another’s negligence, you may want to take legal action. An attorney can help you organize the facts of your case so you can focus more on your recovery.