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How can a TBI affect you?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Traumatic brain injuries often affect the brain in surprising ways. Many victims of TBIs face changes not only in their mental processing but potentially also emotionally as well.

TBIs in particular can have a big impact on a victim’s behavior and even overall personality.

Mental and physical impacts

According to the CDC Injury Center, TBIs have many different forms of impact. First, it can affect victims mentally. Many will struggle with things like headaches, nerve pain, double vision and worse. Depending on the area of brain damage, victims can struggle with motor skills and may lose their ability to speak or walk properly.

Many struggle with memory problems, as well. Some may lose parts of their memory related to the incident leading to the TBI. A rare set of people may experience amnesia, such as forgetting loved ones, places or events. Usually, this will end on its own in due time. More likely, victims will struggle with short-term memory in the future, with varying results on how long this lasts.

Behavioral impacts

Behaviorally, victims may struggle with impulse control, temperament and the ability to cope with stressors. Many find themselves lashing out even at loved ones, unable to curb their increased temper or find a way to express it healthily thanks to the loss of self-regulation. Many also fail to cope with the build-up of small, daily stressors that once felt manageable. This can lead to problems in maintaining or keeping a job.

Due to these issues, many TBI victims may want to seek financial compensation. This is the best way to ensure one can afford all treatment needed.