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How to prepare your car for safe spring driving

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Car Crashes |

Winter takes a heavy toll on your car. Minnesota residents may know they have to prepare for winter driving but do not always consider how important it is to prepare for spring.

As the weather slowly improves, chances are your car can benefit from some simple maintenance. According to Healthline, fatal car crashes increase by six percent the week after daylight saving time. If you drive with an unsafe vehicle, your risk of a motor vehicle accident is even greater.

Replace your wipers

You want to ensure your wiper blades work before winter, but it is also essential to replace them as spring approaches too. Ice, salt and snow take a heavy toll on your wiper blades. With the coming rains, a clear windshield is vital for safe driving.

Check your tires

If you use snow tires, do not forget to replace them in the coming months. However, most people use all-season tires. Take your car into an auto shop or dealership to get a tire inspection. Extreme cold tends to create cracks that could blow out or cause a flat.

Clean off salt

Your car probably accumulated a lot of salt on its underbody. Take the time to get a car wash and pay for the underbody spray. If you allow the salt to stick under your car, it can lead to rust and dangerous defects in your car’s components.

Evaluate your fluids

Check all your fluids and consider an oil change. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule and evaluate the effect of winter. You may require an oil change sooner than you thought.

Spring is generally a safer time to drive. This does not mean you can stop taking care of your care, though. Take some extra time to ensure your safety on the road.