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Does the industry contribute to trucking crashes?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Truckers have a difficult and physically demanding job. It can also tax a driver both emotionally and mentally, too, especially in the current age of supply shortages and crises.

Unfortunately, the trucking industry itself often contributes to the poor conditions that workers suffer through. In turn, this increases the chance of a crash.

Coercion and threats

USA Today discusses some of the predatory practices of the trucking industry. First, many will incentivize truckers to go above and beyond their limits, attempting to bait drivers with things like bonus prizes or extra money. For example, a company may offer additional money if a driver finishes their run in a limited amount of time.

Companies may also threaten workers to get the same result. For example, they could make ridiculous demands of truckers, expecting them to cover enormous distances in short periods of time. Those who do not succeed may end up on probation or face other disciplinary actions.

Harmful company culture

There is also the company culture to contend with, which unfortunately many companies do not work to combat even if they are aware of it. This culture typically encourages truckers to overextend beyond their comfortable working limit, stating that anyone who needs more rest is not well-suited for the work.

In this way, company employees tend to regulate one another in a way that aligns with the overall company’s goals and desires. In recent months with the supply chain crisis, these issues have just grown more notable and problematic. More truckers have noticed and work to take action to protect their health and the safety of everyone on the road.