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Reasons to never post on social media about your car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Car Crashes |

Many people love sharing everything about themselves on social media. For them, divulging details about a motor vehicle wreck online is a natural decision.

Doing this is a mistake for various reasons. Everyone needs to understand why you should never make posts about car accidents.


Once you communicate something online, it lasts forever. Your comments could wind up placing blame in your corner, thus making you vulnerable to a lawsuit. True, it is possible to delete anything you upload. Still, whatever you type is accessible to those with the ability to recover it. There is no recourse whatsoever if someone takes a screenshot before deletion.


An injury from a collision that is not your fault deserves compensation. Insurance companies are always looking for evidence they can use to deny such claims. If you share pictures showing yourself in active situations, insurers might find them. They could use these photos to argue against your experiencing harm. Proving the images are from before the incident is sure to be an uphill battle.


Attorneys are not allowed to repeat what their clients tell them in confidence. Once you start talking about the case on the internet, lawyers do not have to remain silent. You have the right to waive the privilege of confidentiality, but doing so is unwise. You will no longer be able to claim that a disclosure amounts to a violation.

The joys of social media are vast, but so are the perils. Refrain from telling the world about any roadside incident. Doing so could make you vulnerable to a lawsuit or end your chances of seeking compensation.