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What are signs of hidden road rage for drivers?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Car Crashes |

Dealing with traffic and hot days can make you feel frustrated, but encountering drivers with road rage can put your safety at risk.

When you are on the road, learning the subtle signs of anger and aggression in other drivers can help you if you are in an accident.

Verbal signs and hand signals

According to NBC News, when you notice a person inside a car near you using rude hand gestures and trying to get your attention, you may feel shocked at first. An irrationally angry driver typically shows this kind of aggression, which can be part of the first steps of road rage.

Loud, repeated honking and flashing lights are other sources of irritation that drivers may use to annoy you. You may notice someone show signs of frustration through the windows of the other vehicle as they approach you.

Ignored road rules

When a car cuts a corner or ignores a stop light, then everyone on the road is at risk for an accident. A person with road rage who is following another car can make impulsive and unsafe decisions while driving.

These actions can start off with small traffic violations and grow as time goes on. You may struggle to get away from people with road rage if they are tailgating you.

Increased speeding

A car that steadily gains speed can lead to another person suffering from a sideswipe or rear-end crash. Speeding is a seriously dangerous reaction to rage, and people who feel aggressive can speed up when following someone else.

Learning about the ways road rage influences crashes and why it is important to learn the subtle signs of it can help you stay safe.