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How do brain injuries manifest after a crash?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Getting into a crash can result in some serious injuries. Unfortunately, these injuries manifest differently based on a number of factors.

It is often hard to predict how these factors will or will not impact a victim’s injury. However, some similarities exist between major injury types.

Mild brain injury symptoms

Mayo Clinic takes a look at brain injury impacts. Brain injuries often get classified as mild, moderate or severe depending on numerous factors.

Mild brain injuries usually have symptoms that may even seem hard to notice at first. For example, if a victim has head pain, it usually does not last long or does not seem too severe. Likewise, other temporary effects can include blurred vision and disorientation which do not last long, either.

Moderate to severe injuries

It is much easier to tell with a person who has a moderate or severe brain injury. The physical and mental effects of these injuries last much longer and have a more notable impact.

For example, head pain with these levels of severity will last for hours at a time, and may even worsen over time instead of improving.

Mentally, victims may experience extreme levels of disorientation, memory loss, temporary amnesia, and even personality changes. All in all, they are very notable changes that the people around the head injury sufferer will pick up on quickly.

It is important for head injury sufferers to get the care they need. To that end, taking a head injury sufferer to seek proper medical care is the best possible move.