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4 things you should never say to a claims adjuster after a car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Car Crashes |

The moments following a car accident are often full of confusion and fear. These feelings may continue through the weeks afterward as you complete medical visits and deal with the aftermath of the incident. This period often includes conversations with the responsible party’s insurance adjuster.

Before you answer that first phone call from the adjuster, understand these four things you should never say.

1. Any variation of an apology

Avoid saying anything that may sound like an apology. Whether it is “I am sorry,” “I apologize,” or even “I feel bad,” statements such as these may sound like an admittance of guilt for the accident. Insurance companies use these types of statements to deny claims.

2. An implication that you are not injured

When an insurance adjuster asks about how you are feeling or about your injuries, any statement such as “I am okay” might give the impression that you were not as injured as your claim indicates, leading to a denial.

3. Anything speculative

Never respond to any questions that require you to speculate. Your attorney would advise you to only answer clear, precise questions that have specific answers. Any speculation becomes relevant evidence in your case.

4. Any recorded statements

Many people dismiss the notice about potentially recorded calls. Never agree to a recorded conversation with a claims adjuster. If you have no option, hang up the phone.

Sometimes the biggest mistakes and case challenges seem innocent at the time but cause problems later. These are a couple of the most important issues to avoid.