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What are some other serious distractions besides phones?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | Car Crashes |

When you look around as you drive, you may notice that people around you are finding distractions beyond just using their phones. Whether you are in a crowded area or on a quiet back road, you still may need to deal with a crash after someone distractedly runs into you.

Even though phones are a common source of this problem, learning about additional types of distractions is important.

Getting ready

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, trying to get ready for the day while driving can lead to serious consequences if an obstacle is suddenly in the way. If a driver is more focused on putting on make-up, eating food or adjusting their outfit than facing forward and watching the road, then they may not react in time to prevent a crash.

Looking at billboards

Billboards with flashing lights or moving parts can make drivers take their eyes off of the traffic around them. This includes missing a turn or ramming into a vehicle ahead of them without stopping. People taking their hands off the wheel to point at a billboard can also lead to a collision.

Having discussions

When other passengers are in a car, the driver may feel more concerned with what they are saying or doing than with what is going on outside the car. If the driver turns around in their seat to interact with their passengers, this could lead to them swerving into another vehicle.

No matter what kind of distraction is happening, understanding and preparing for what to do after an accident can help you.