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How can summer weather influence truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2023 | Car Crashes |

As the temperatures rise and roads become busier with vacationers, the risk of truck accidents also increases during summer days. Several factors contribute to these accidents, making it important for both truck drivers and other motorists to be aware of the potential dangers.

These are some common causes of truck accidents during the summer season.

More traffic

Summer is a peak travel season, with families going on road trips and tourists exploring new places. The increase in traffic can lead to busier highways and local roads, increasing the chances of accidents involving trucks.

More fatigue

Longer daylight hours and the desire to cover more miles during summer vacations can result in driver fatigue among truck drivers. Fatigue impairs a driver’s focus and decision-making abilities. This can lead to serious accidents caused by drowsy driving. There were 775 fatal car crashes in 2018 due to drowsy driving.

More construction zones

Summer is a common time for road maintenance and construction projects due to good weather conditions. Construction zones often have reduced lanes, detours and lane shifts that require careful navigation. Truck drivers need to pay attention to prevent accidents caused by sudden lane changes or failure to slow down in construction zones.

More tire blowouts

Hot temperatures can cause tires to heat up, increasing the risk of tire blowouts. This is particularly concerning for trucks that are heavily loaded and travel long distances. A tire blowout can lead to loss of control and potential accidents, endangering both the truck driver and other drivers.

To reduce the risk of accidents during summer days, it is essential for truckers to use caution and follow traffic rules. By understanding these potential causes and taking appropriate measures, they can contribute to safer roadways during the summer season.