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How can burns happen during car crashes?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Car Crashes |

Every day, countless individuals get behind the wheel of a car. While driving is a part of people’s daily lives, it comes with inherent risks.

One of the most severe consequences of a car crash is the occurrence of burns.

Escape challenges

When a car catches fire after a crash, occupants face the immediate problem of getting burns, but escaping the vehicle can be equally dangerous. The intense heat, smoke and limited visibility create obstacles for those trying to exit the car swiftly.

Electric vehicles and thermal risks

38% of Americans in a 2023 survey stated that they are very or somewhat likely to think about buying an electric vehicle when they have to get another car. As electric vehicles become more common on the roads, it is important to recognize the unique thermal risks associated with their battery systems.

In the event of a collision, the battery may face damages, potentially leading to thermal runaway. This is a situation where the battery overheats and poses a fire risk. In such cases, burns may occur not only from direct contact with flames but also from exposure to high temperatures generated by the malfunctioning battery.

Impact and fuel issues

The force of a car crash can cause various components within a vehicle to malfunction, leading to fuel leaks. If the crash results in a rupture of the fuel system, the presence of gasoline or other flammable substances increases the risk of fire. The combination of a high-impact collision and fuel leakage creates a hazardous environment where fires can erupt, causing severe burns to occupants.

The risk of burns is a reality that demands attention as a common part of a car crash. Awareness of these factors can empower individuals to think more seriously about fire hazards.