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What factors lead to trucks causing accidents on the road?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Car Crashes |

Truck accidents can happen without warning and are often hard to avoid. 

What could be a minor mistake for a driver in a car could be a catastrophe for those on the road with a truck. 


Improper mirror checking and merging without clear visibility are two of the biggest issues for truck drivers, according to FindLaw. Those in cars may also mistakenly drive between two large trucks, thinking both people see them. This often causes crashes, since visibility is poor in many larger vehicles. 


Crosswind from oncoming trucks and insufficient headway also contribute to accidents. A lack of defensive driving leads to truckers who cannot effectively avoid collisions. Large vehicles turning right are another source of crashes, since they often appear to be moving away from the inside lane, causing confusion for other drivers. 

The combination of heavy loads and an inability to stop quickly means trucks often cause wrecks when faced with tough situations. Truckers merging quickly onto a highway can cause other drivers to slam their brakes and potentially cause a crash. 

External pressure 

Tight scheduling for deliveries leads to rushed driving. Accidents can easily occur when truckers cut corners on safety while on the road. Not only does this scheduling encourage truck drivers to ignore lengthy procedures, but it also incentivize fast delivery and long days. 

Sleep deprivation is a common cause of accidents, especially on long highways where it is easy to doze off while driving. Safety training for some companies may also be lacking, leading to even more possible chances for wrecks involving other cars on the road.