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Data on truck accident injuries in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Uncategorized |

If a you were recently involved in a crash with a large truck or you worry about the likelihood of such an accident, it is important to review statistics in order to develop a clearer understanding of this issue. Every year, many victims struggle with serious hardships due to large truck crash injuries and because of the sheer size of trucks, these injuries are often very devastating.

Whether you cannot work or you struggle to pay hospital bills, truck accident injuries can derail your life in different ways. Moreover, the emotional challenges many victims and their families experience are often very painful.

Looking at injuries in different types of truck accidents

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety published data on various types of large truck crashes and the injuries victims suffered over the course of 2019. According to the report, semi-truck accidents involved over 2,300 people in 2019, 135 of whom sustained injuries. Among those injured, nine sustained serious injuries and five lost their lives.

During this year, accidents involving single trucks with a trailer left 46 people injured, while accidents involving truck tractors without a trailer left six people hurt.

Looking at data on truck accident victims

In 2019, most of the people who suffered serious injuries in large truck accidents were riding in passenger cars (36). However, 23 were riding in Sport Utility Vehicles. With respect to minor injuries, 189 passenger car victims and 118 SUV victims suffered injuries. Bicyclists, pedestrians and those driving pickup trucks also sustained injuries in large truck crashes, and the victims of these accidents deserve a voice.