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How can you cope with financial anxiety after an accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Work Injuries |

An accident caused by another person’s negligence can result in severe injuries and disabilities. You may find yourself struggling to pay your expenses due to high medical costs and loss of income. Struggling with finances before you receive a settlement can cause a lot of anxiety within your family. According to CNBC, money issues affect about 70% of all adults.

There are some tips to keep your anxiety under control.

Think about the possibilities

While you do not want to spiral into worry, you may want to think about the different scenarios. For example, when you think about worst-case scenarios, you may be able to keep your finances in perspective. The worst-case scenario involves paying off debt slowly or asking family or loved ones for help for many people. If you have those you can ask for help from, you may want to do so. Even if the help involves helping you manage your finances, you do not have to face the challenges by yourself.

Avoid catastrophic thinking

When your finances feel out of control, it is easy to feel like everything is out of your control. You may feel like a failure or like you will never recover from your situation. When you start to think irrationally, you may become more stressed. It is easy to exaggerate your thoughts and to make the anxiety worse. Do not equate your financial issues with who you are as a person.

When it comes to dealing with financial stress, always take time to clear your head. You may want to listen to music, go for a walk or spend time engaging in your hobbies.