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Can vocational rehabilitation help you find any job?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Work Injuries |

Given that a recent injury has deprived you of your ability to work at your current job, you may fear for your financial future. Even with medical treatment and rehab, it is not a given that you can go back to your regular job. Fortunately, the state workers’ compensation program may help you get a new job through vocational rehabilitation.

Vocational rehabilitation is the process of preparing you to return to the workforce by training you for a certain line of work. Minnesota law explains what kind of jobs the state can help you attain.

A job of your current economic status

While your injuries may prevent you from resuming your current job, some on-the-job training and/or education may be enough to qualify you for an occupation of similar economic status. This means you should be able to earn a living that is close to what you had earned prior to your injury.

The goal of the training is that even if you have a disability, the state vocational program will help you qualify for a job that pays just as much as you would have earned had you not suffered your injury.

A higher-paying job

It is possible that the state will authorize a plan to train you for a job that pays more than your current line of work. To qualify, you must show that training for an occupation at a higher economic level is something you need to increase your chances of finding employment. The state may accept your argument if there are not many jobs available for someone of your current skill set.

The flexibility of the state workers’ compensation program provides you a variety of ways to help return to the workforce. Be aware of your rights so you can pursue the avenue of rehabilitation best able to assist you.