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Temporary disability benefits after a workplace injury

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Work Injuries |

After a workplace accident, you may need to take time off as you recover. In this situation, you could receive temporary disability benefits.

Workers’ compensation can provide income if you cannot earn your full wages during the recovery process. According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, there are two kinds of temporary benefits. The severity of your wound determines which one is appropriate for your situation.

What are partial disability benefits?

You could receive partial disability benefits if you are capable of doing some work while you recover. You may, for example, sustain an injury to your leg. You could be unable to perform your customary duties. However, you may be able to do another kind of work for your employer. The DLI may offer these benefits for up to 275 weeks.

Because you are doing a different kind of work, you may not earn the same wages. Temporary partial disability benefits can help close this gap. Someone from the DLI usually evaluates both your current and your previous weekly income to see what the difference is. Partial disability benefits typically provide two-thirds of this gap.

What are total disability benefits?

A severe injury could leave you unable to work as you recover. The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry notes that total disability benefits are available in this situation. You usually receive two-thirds of your customary income. The DLI provides these benefits for up to 130 weeks.

You may not receive temporary total disability benefits during your entire recovery period. At some point, it could be possible for you to return to work performing different tasks. You could also participate in a job retraining plan. Upon completion of this plan, the DLI could withdraw these benefits.

Before receiving temporary disability benefits, you usually need to file a claim. This step demonstrates that your injury impacts your ability to work.