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Civil lawsuit basics

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Work Injuries |

Civil actions are lawsuits that involve claims that someone caused some kind of injury. In personal injury lawsuits, these injuries often have a physical aspect.

Most of what many people know about lawsuits comes from fiction. Knowing some of these real-world basics might help lower your stress level and better understand your dispute.

What is a lawsuit?

If you want to recover from an injury, one way that you might try to do this is to start a lawsuit. That means that you would probably name a defendant — or multiple defendants — in a claim.

Defendants, in this context, are people or companies whom you believe did something to damage you. For example, a drunk driver who seriously injured your family member might be a defendant.

After you decide on the defendants, then you would typically summon them to answer your complaint in a formal manner. This would happen via a complex process with various rules and deadlines. This begins your civil action.

When do lawsuits become official?

There are many timelines to follow when pursuing a civil action. For example, it is typically important to file your summons and complaint within a year of the date that you delivered them to the other parties.

With that in mind, civil actions do not have to go into a formal courtroom setting in order to be valid. In fact, you might find yourself among many whose lawsuits end favorably before this litigation stage.

When it comes to personal injuries, such as those you would sustain in a car crash or in a hazardous public place, lawsuits often serve a second purpose. They could show large organizations and insurance companies that you know what your claim could be worth and that you are serious about pursuing fair compensation.