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How can you stay in touch at work during an injury?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Work Injuries |

An injury at work may mean you have to take some time off to heal and recover. During this time, you may feel anxious about falling out of the loop.

Maintaining work relationships and continuing to use your skills can help you avoid falling out of touch. Your effort to stay informed despite your injury may ease your return to work when that time comes.


Speak regularly with your employer. According to U.S. News, you will want to file a claim in a timely manner. Some workers’ compensation plans include assistance with returning to work, which can give you and your employer something to talk about. Ask about your options for telecommuting. Discuss your benefits and make sure you understand how your return to work will impact any compensation you receive.


Make time for skills that you can reasonably practice. Get creative and have fun. If your injury caused extensive damage that will require months of recovery and rehabilitation, set goals for regaining your skills. You might consider vocational rehab to help you learn how to function in the workplace despite newfound limitations.

Stay realistic

Keep a realistic perspective of your situation. Recognize that your injury may change the way you work for some time. Even if your injury prevents you from returning to your former job, research might help you identify alternative careers you may enjoy. Learn about other professions. Read accounts of people who have successfully come back from an injury.

Doing your best to stay in touch at work may ease your angst about sitting during your recovery. You might feel motivated to get back to work and have positive ideas of how to achieve that goal. Collaborating with your employer throughout your recovery can also help you optimize your benefits to give you peace of mind while you heal.