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Is Workers’ Compensation denial the end of the process?

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | Work Injuries |

Even though it should be relatively easy for you to collect benefits, Workers’ Compensation is still a complex system involving many people. You, your employer and your employer’s insurance company all have a role.

Sometimes, this complexity results in inappropriate denials of coverage. This article will look at some of those situations — but you should know that a denial is not always the end.

Problems during the claims process

The Workers’ Compensation claims process begins when you get your injury. After you report it to your employer and seek medical attention, then they have to file some paperwork.

Various things can go wrong during these early stages. The chaos of an injury could make it difficult to do everything by the book. However, as long as you adhere to the legal guidelines, you could potentially still have coverage.

Employers resisting making a claim

Employers resist making claims for various reasons. Some believe that it will make their insurance premiums increase. Others are not familiar with the process and attempt to block or stall it.

Depending on the employer, they might even try to make it sound like your claim is being denied before they have even reported the injury to an insurer. Luckily for you as an injured worker, your employer does not make the decision about whether to approve a claim.

Insurance companies denying a claim

Insurance companies may deny claims after reviewing them. Unlike an employer’s so-called denials, this denial should come in an official form. This form might be different outside of Minnesota.

As stated in the fine print of this form, you have a maximum of three years maximum to begin legal proceedings following a denial. As you might infer from that, you could still have legal recourse even if the insurer denied your claim.