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Signs of employer retaliation after you file for workers’ comp

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2023 | Work Injuries |

When you get injured at work, you have the right to file for workers’ compensation. This system is there to support you, offering necessary financial aid while you recover. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 63,800 nonfatal workplace injuries happened in 2021 in Minnesota and many of those hurt workers filed for workers’ compensation.

However, sometimes, after filing for these benefits, you might notice changes in your workplace behavior towards you. It is important to recognize these changes as potential signs of employer retaliation, which is illegal.

Sudden change in job duties or position

If your employer unexpectedly changes your job duties or demotes you after you have filed for workers’ compensation, take notice. This could be a sign that they are retaliating against you. Such changes might include assigning you to less desirable tasks, changing your work hours to less convenient times or even moving you to a lower position.

Reduction in hours or pay

Another indicator is a sudden reduction in your hours or pay. If your employer cuts back your hours or reduces your salary for no apparent reason, this may be a form of retaliation. Keep track of any such changes that occur after your workers’ compensation claim.

Unwarranted disciplinary actions

Pay attention to any disciplinary actions taken against you that seem unwarranted or excessive. If you start receiving negative performance reviews or disciplinary actions for reasons that do not seem justified, your employer might be retaliating against you.

Hostile work environment

A change in the attitude of your employer or coworkers towards you can also be a sign. If you start experiencing a hostile work environment, such as isolating you, harassing you or treating you unfairly compared to before your claim, these could be indications of retaliation.

Termination or threats of termination

The most obvious sign of retaliation is if your employer threatens to terminate you or actually does so after you file for workers’ compensation. Termination under these circumstances is a serious matter and a clear sign of retaliation.

These actions might be indications that your employer is retaliating against you. Being aware of these signs helps you understand your situation better and ensures that your rights are upheld in the workplace. Remember, filing for workers’ compensation is your right, and no employer should penalize you for exercising this right.