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How Much Is My Case Worth?

At The Cody Law Group, we have successfully represented Minnesota residents from all walks of life who have been hurt in preventable accidents. Although each of their cases are unique, all our clients ask: Is it worth it to file a claim? How much compensation may I be entitled to receive?

The answer to these personal injury questions is: It depends. There is a range of components that affect the compensation that personal injury victims receive. If you consult with an attorney who provides a specific settlement amount before reviewing medical records and other important documents, you should be cautious about retaining this lawyer.

Factors That Affect How Compensation Is Determined

When you meet us for the first time, we will review these documents and give you an honest assessment of your case. These are the issues that we take into account:

  1. The medical bills associated with the injury. Personal injury victims are entitled to receive compensation for medical treatments, rehabilitation, medication and other expenses related to the injury.
  2. The type of injury. Victims suffering from life-changing injuries, such as amputations, loss of vision or paralysis, often receive higher monetary awards than those suffering from minor injuries.
  3. The extent of your injuries. Victims who face months of recovery for a disability or disfigurement may receive more compensation than individuals who are able to recover in a short time period.
  4. Your current income and your earning potential. Lost wages, past and present, play a prominent role in determining economic damages.
  5. The impact of the injury on your loved ones. Factors that cannot be quantified, such as pain and suffering and loss of companionship, can affect the noneconomic damages awarded.

In addition to these factors, working with a highly qualified personal injury attorney may influence your case’s outcome. Our lawyers have substantial experience handling complicated legal issues. We know where to look for evidence, how to utilize expert witnesses and how to present strong arguments.

Before you take legal action, it is critical that you understand the possible outcomes that may occur. We are ready to educate you so that you are well-informed at all times.

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