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Helping Injured Riders And Passengers In The Aftermath Of A Motorcycle Crash

From treks across wide expanses of prairie to excursions through the forests of the Northshore, Minnesota offers numerous scenic riding areas for motorcyclists. Unfortunately, as riding popularity increases, accidents and fatalities continue to rise.

Motorcycles only account for about 3.6 percent of the registered vehicles in the state, but they are staggeringly over-represented in fatal crashes. Motorcyclists are also nine times more likely to suffer a serious injury in a collision. If you were injured in one of the nearly 1,400 motorcycle accidents that occur in Minnesota annually, the experienced injury lawyers at The Cody Law Group can help you pursue financial recovery.

Exposed And Undetected

Although motorcycles give riders an exhilarating experience, they offer little safety protection. Rarely are the injuries to a motorcycle driver or passenger after a collision minor. In a car crash, motorcyclists can be crushed by the collision, especially in vulnerable areas such as the legs and hips. Bikers also suffer extensive injuries when they collide with the ground either after being ejected from the bike or while sliding upon landing.

Drivers failing to detect a motorcycle in traffic is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Negligent motorists may not keep a safe distance or strike a biker attempting to make a turn. Motorcyclists can also be injured when swerving or laying down their bike at high speeds to avoid a collision.

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After a motorcycle crash, speak with an attorney right away. Our firm has an extensive knowledge of local motorcycle laws and accepted riding practices. We can investigate the accident and find evidence of fault on the other driver to help you recover the maximum amount. If you have questions about pursuing a motorcycle accident claim, call our Vadnais Heights offices at 612-444-9418 or reach us online to schedule a consultation.